How are you doing Ubtan at home for perfect skin?

Our grandmother had the treasure of Galerias Nazque who had been worshiped for a long time. Mainly, these remedies were successful in treating various skin and health problems. One of these remedies is ubtan of an old facial mask often used by the groom and the groom to give a perfect look on a big day. This paste is made using turmeric, gram powder (Vasasan), sandalwood powder (Chandan), rose water and milk. It should provide perfect skin and shining complexion. Because of the natural ingredients used in Ubtan, we recommend that you make a permanent supplement to beauty treatments. Benefits of using Ubtan

Regular use of Ubtan on your skin has many benefits. It will protect your skin naturally without opening a hole in your pocket. Several benefits of Ubtan will help you to know the effect of this beauty kit.

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Regular use of Ubtan on your skin has many advantages
1. Ubtan helps get rid of Get Tan

All ingredients used in Ubetan have cooling characteristics that will release your skin from excessive heat and sunburn. They remove the dead skin and help to get soft and supple skin

2. It helps to clear the skin

The anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties of Ubutan suppress bacterial growth and protect the skin from acne, speech and pimple.

3. Reduce facial hair

Uvitan weakens the root hair and is supposed to reduce its growth. To reduce facial hair growth, please use Ubtan for circular movement.

4. It can help to delay the old work

Several compounds of turmeric powder and sandalwood will delay defects, fine lines and wrinkles that make it look much older than your age.

How to make Ubtan at home
How is Ubtan made?

Gram of flour (Vesan)
Turmeric (Harude)
Sandalwood powder (Chandan)
Rose water

What you have to do is mix all the ingredients into the bowl and make a thick consistency paste. You can adjust the amount according to the area you want to cover face, neck or whole body. Rinse with warm water and apply everything before and dry. Please use this paste at least twice a week to see valid results.
This is a Ubtan traditional recipe, but you can try other ingredients such as Orange Peel, Nimes Powder etc. Continue to be inspired by nature and homemade Ubetan!

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